About Me

My ( Resume ) are available online.
Study in Computer Science, I am an outgoing Graduate with a good team-work and competition experience. Meanwhile, I like history, swimming, running and playing soccor. I am one of the members in the SYSU and Purdue's soccor's team.

It's my honer to be supervised by Berkay Celik, Tiark Rompf and Sabre Kais During my Master's Career, Liang Lin and Zibin Zheng During my Undergarduate time.

I believe technology and science can benefit the world. Currenty, I am self-emploied at Machine Learning Financial and doing lots of amazing works. I am willing to a chance for Research/Engineer. My personally appreciated fields may listed as follow:

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Brain Science, Quantum Computing, Learning Theory, Block Chain, Cloud Computing, Distributed/Parallel Computing, Computer Security, Life&Medical Science, Software Development.


Artificial Intelligence & Learning Theory

Parallel Computing & Distributed System

Quantum Computing & Physics

Computer Security


Brain Science


2020.Jan - Current

Founder, Machine Lerning Engineer.

2019.May - 2019.Aug

Stanford University

Researching topic: Determine the feasibility of developing a cloud-based dashboard for running and monitoring pipelines in Medicine.(Advisor: Amir Bahmani, Keith Bettinger)

2019.Mar - 2019.Dec

Researching topic: Quantum Machine Learning, factoring large prime number (Advisor: Sabre Kais)

2018.Oct - 2019.Dec


Researching topic: Graph Neural Network and Machine Learning platform (Advisor: Tiark Rompf)

2018.Sep - 2019.May

Purdue Security Competition's Team B01lers

2017.Dec - 2018.May

Software Engineer Intern: Distributed Optimize the Chemical Application with OpenMp/MPI in the Tianhe-2 (Advisor: Yunfei Du)

2017.Sep - 2018.Aug

Human Cyber Physical Intelligence Integration Lab

Researching topic: Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning

Researching topic: Multidomain's improvement of Cycle Generative Adversarial Network (Advisor: Liang Lin)

2015.Oct - 2017.Aug

Researching topic: A traffic prediction platform / Htcondor platform. (Advisor: Zibin Zheng)


(1)Take part in the installation of hadoop environment

(2)Set up the high throughout distributed platform.


Master of Computer Science 2018~2019

Purdue University

Bachelor of Computer Science 2014~2018

Outstanding Graduate Student, top 1%
Outstanding Graduate Thesis, top 5%
Outstanding Dormitory, top 1%
First class scholarship, Samsung Scholarship.
Sun Yat-sen University

My Projects (Not update since 2020)


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  • Conference

  • [1] MMI-ALI: Multivariate-Information Adversarial Ensemble for Scalable Joint Distribution Matching

    Ziliang Chen*, Zhanfu Yang*, Xiaoxi Wang*, Xiaodan Liang, Xiaopeng Yan, Guanbin Li, Liang Lin. [cite]

    In Proceedings of the Thirty-sixth International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2019)

  • Journal

  • Workshop

  • [1] Graph Neural Reasoning for 2-Quantified Boolean Formula Solvers

    Zhanfu Yang, Fei Wang, Ziliang Chen, Guannan Wei, Tiark Rompf.[cite]

    In Proceedings of the Thirty-sixth ICML Workshop for Learning and Reasoning with Graph-Structured Data (ICML 2019 Workshop)

  • Arxiv&Draft&Manuscript

  • Talk

  • [1] Title: GNN in 2QB. PurPL Seminar (2019.Sep.20). [video]. [slide]

    Competition Experience And Awards

  • ICML 2019 Travel Awards (2019.May)

  • 2019 TAMUctf19 Competition (2019.Feb.27 ~ 2019.Mar.4): 19 Among 1866, top 1%

  • Topic: CTF, Cryptography, SQL injection and DNS spoofing

  • 2019 Fireshell CTF Competition(2019.Jan.27): 60 Among 607, top 10%

  • 2018 Asia Student SuperComputer Competition: First prize,6th (2018.Mar~2018.May) One of the team's Coach for Sun Yat-sen University

  • Topic: Run our parallel optimized program in a platform within 3000W for high performance.

    Jobs: Instruct for the system, archetecture and application.

  • 2018 IBM Blockchain on LinuxONE National University Student Hackathon : Thrid prize, 4th (2017.Dec)Link

  • Topic: Develop a Blockchain application base on the linuxONE platform

    Jobs: Build up the system base on the linuxONE and develop the chaincode.

  • 2017 China Parallel Application Challenge On Domestic CPU(The first competition) : Silver Medal, 2 nd (2017.Nov)

  • Topic: Develop parallel application base on the domestic cpu platform

    Jobs: BUild up the platform and optimize part of the code.

  • 2017 Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge: First prize, 4th (2017.May, I am Team Leader) ASC17

  • Topic: Run our parallel optimized program in a platform within 3000W for high performance.


    (1)Building cluster and install system

    (2)Improved the achitecture, network with RDMA and test for HPL and HPCG.

    (3)The parallel optimization program about Wave’s model(MPI,openMP).

    (4)The deep learning program about PaddlePaddle’s traffic model(python, cuda).

  • 2017 Kaggle : Two Sigama Rentaling --- Brozen, 220 Among Of 2488, top 9% Link

  • 2017 Mathematical Contest in Modeling - COMAP: Honourable Mention

  • 2016 International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition : Golden (igem 2016.Oct) Competition Link

  • Topic: A simulation program in the pre experiment of bacterial culture

    Jobs: Data collection and analysis, algorithm optimization.

  • 2016 Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge: First prize, 4th, Optimization Award (2016.May) ASC16

  • Topic: Run our parallel optimized program in a platform within 3000W for high performance.


    (1)Building cluster and install system

    (2)Improved the achitecture, network with RDMA and test for HPL and HPCG.

  • 2016 Ping Gao 's Big data contest: First prize, 1 st, and high performance award (2016.Oct)

  • 2016 Kaggle : What's Cooking --- 27 Among Of 1388, top 2%Link

  • 2016 Intel Cup for National Parallel Computing Challenge: Bronze, 4th, Best business award(2016.Nov)

  • 2016 National University 's Mathematical Modeling Challenge: Second Prize (2016.Sep)

  • 2016 Canton, Hong Kong’s IT project competition: Second Prize (2016.May)

  • 2016 Guangdong extracurricular entrepreneurship Challenge Cup: Golden medal, 1 st (2016.April)

  • 2015 IBM Power National Campus Technology Contest for team : First prize, 1 st, (2015.Nov) Link

  • Topic: Metro Advice Service base on big data.


    (1)Use GPU with CUDA for parallel acceleration.

    (2)Optimize the algorithm model.

  • 2015 National University 's Mathematical Competition: Third prize (2015.Dec)